Monday, 4 November 2013

Ghost Investigation - The Feathers, Bridge St, Warrington

We received an email from one of the staff at The Feathers. A pub on Bridge St Warrington. Several staff had seen the apparition of a woman. Glasses had been thrown from tables in front of them and one member of staff had his clothing tugged at in the cellar. There was also a report that the spirit store (no pun intended) where all the whisky, brandy etc is stored, kept unlocking itself.

We arrived there at 7pm and did a full EMF sweep of the building and found quite a few odd anomalies. We also did a yes/no session using the K2 meter and dowsing rods and there was a huge amount of activity. A couple of the doormen were also present. These are guys who don't scare easily. Even they later admitted about feeling a little creeped out during the investigation. Well worth a visit and Darren the landlord looked after us admirably - nice butties Darren :)

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