Friday, 25 March 2011

Losing my religion

Yes, I know it's a song by R.E.M. but it's also a little how I feel. The more and more I investigate the paranormal and the more TV shows and documentaries I watch the less and less I am becoming a believer and more a cynic.
I do still have my core beliefs that hauntings and ghosts do exist, it's more the techniques that some investigators use to "prove" the existance of spirits. Take EVP's for example - or Electronic Voice Phenomena to the uninitiated. Nearly every EVP I have heard is indistinct (and that's being a little kind). Most of the EVP's I have heard posted on the internet have a caption beneath them telling you what they think the ghost/spirit/entity is saying. Once the idea is planted in your mind you are lost. No matter how hard you try you only hear the suggested words in your mind.
If a poltergeist has the energy to hurl things around a room, including people (supposedly) then surely it has the strength to speak up and speak clearly!!

The other pet hate is orbs, but I have exhausted that topic previously on this blog.

Most bits of electronic equipment (and I have them all) measure only theories. Every ghost hunter worth his salt carries an EMF meter to measure fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. The theory goes that ghosts can cause a spike on the meter because they are a form of energy. I have indeed found spikes in EMF levels but if we take the theory to it's extremes it could also be UFO's or experimental government death rays!!
OK I am being a little mean. We have to start somewhere in trying to understand and measure this phenomena we know and love. I suppose I have become a little desensitised by all the sensationalist programmes on TV. When I am in the situation for real I am like everyone else. Rational thought can very easily become upset by the smallest noise when I am investigating some haunted location and creeping around in the dark. It's hardwired in our psyche. In the dark 95% of people become believers!
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