Friday, 25 January 2013

Charity Ghost Hunt at Ordsall Hall Salford. 22nd Feb 2013

Ghost Grapplers are holding a Charity Ghost Hunt at Ordsall Hall near Manchester on the 22nd February 2013. Proceeds in aid of Joseph's Goal

Please help us raise funds for this worthwhile cause.Tickets available at the Ghost Grapplers link above.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Private domestic paranormal investigation - Manchester 11th Jan 2013

We were contacted by a gentleman from the Manchester area asking if we could investigate his property for paranormal activity. After asking a few more questions it transpired that the activity had been happening over many years. There had been many instances of the apparition of a young, blonde-haired girl being sighted, people being pushed and scratched whilst sleeping.

Julian, Derek and I (namely members of Ghost Grapplers) arrived at 8pm to a very pleasant, modern, semi-detached house and did a preliminary sweep of the building in the presence of a handful of family members. We found no anomalous readings in the bedroom where activity had been reported, but we did find several anomalous readings in a small bedroom. on the landing and most peculiarly, half way up the door space (in mid air) to the downstairs front room.

The investigation team, accompanied by the family members, then sat in a circle in the front room with an EMF meter positioned on a cabinet beside the living room door and a K-II EMF meter in the middle of the circle. We then asked for responses to the questions we were asking, but nothing happened with the meter in the centre of the circle, although the EMF meter near the door gave the odd feint blip in aswer to our questions. I then asked if it was afraid to enter the circle, and if it just liked to frighten people. The EMF meter near the door started going berzerk - it seemed we were annoying it. The temperature in the room also started to drop significantly. We had seen enough activity to warrant a more thorough investigation and will be returning in a couple of weeks for a longer stay.
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