Sunday, 16 October 2011

Can dogs see ghosts when we can't?

I found thos clip on Youtube whilst browsing one day. This dog is reacting in exactly the same way my dog behaves on occasion. It is clearly directing its bark towards a specific area and not just barking in general. See what you think.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

"The Sun" goes ghost hunting

Here's a video on The Sun's website of alleged poltergeist activity. I'm sure it's true if The Sun says so (cough).

Monday, 3 October 2011

The use of psychics on ghost hunts

Whilst a psychic can add to the fun and the overall atmosphere of a fee-paying ghost hunt, it does always leave the doors wide open to criticism. The psychic obviously has to know the name of the venue in advance. This means he/she will have ample time to research the history of a venue and come up with a whole list of accurate names and dates. I'm not saying this is what they do (for legal reasons) but it does leave any information they pass across as being suspect.

If I investigate a property, the last thing I want along is a psychic. I check for tangible and measurable results. I check for all the supposed anomalies such as spikes in EMF readings, temperature drops etc. Messages from the other side via a medium are anecdotal at best.

What I would like to see is a third party organise a walk around a building and just arrange to collect the psychic en route. There would have to be no communication with the psychic either before or on the way to the venue. Ideally the psychic would be blindfolded, driven to the venue and lead inside before removing the blindfold. Only then would I truly believe in their input. I can't help it - I have a scientific mind!

Here is my standpoint on ghosts and the paranormal:
Do ghosts exist? = I have no idea. I have seen too much weird stuff to know that anomalous events do happen. Whether this is just a phenomena that is as yet unexplained or they really are the spirits of departed people...well I wouldn't like to guess.

Is there an afterlife?
= No idea.

Are mediums real or fake? = Again I have no idea. There do seem to be a lot of charlatans around, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are all fake. I do doubt whether any psychic can contact one of my departed loved ones on demand though.

Is a ouija board a useful tool? = I would never personally endorse the use of one. It is too open to abuse. It's easy to push a glass around and spell out a name, and you can't use on in the dark!

Can you measure the presense of a ghost? = Again, I don't know. I just go along with popular theory like everyone else. I take toys along such as EMF meters and lazer thermometers to try and "measure" any anomalies.

This may sound like I am a rampant skeptic. I am a skeptic, but I have a completely open mind. I am on a journey of discovery. I would love to prove the existence of ghosts and come up with firm evidence. As yet I haven't but I will still enjoy trying.
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