Friday, 24 August 2012

A quiet summer but i'm back!!

I have only just realised that it is 4 MONTHS since I last made a blog entry. UNFORGIVABLE I hear you shout. Not really - summer is traditionally a quiet time for ghost hunting. The longer the nights, the creepier the feelings, the more reported ghost sightings etc. I have been dusting down all my electronic kit and buying batteries in readiness for the autumn season (or fall, to anyone in USA and Canada). I tried using rechargeable batteries, but I found they didn't last as long. Back to good old Duracell for me.

I have been given a bit of a challenge in helping to organize a charity ghost hunt some time in the future. Not usually my thing as I usually like to investigate on my own or with a very small and selected crew, but this is for a MND charity, so it's all in a great cause. I'll keep you posted when a date and a venue have been decided. Meanwhile, anyone wishing to donate can go here

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