Monday, 17 September 2012

More paranormal investigation teams needed

I have been checking the UK ghost investigation teams on my website for dead links. I lost about 5 that no longer appear to be in existence. If I have deleted you in error and you have merely changed your web address then drop me a line. Also, if you aren't listed but would like to be, also drop me a line.

I will be doing the US, teams next to check for dead links, so if you have changed address please let me know ASAP.

A funny week

Yesterday evening (sunday 17th Sept 2012) I received an email casting doubt on a paranormal team (who I will not name) and their activities, claiming they were basically conning people and that they were under investigation by the authorities. I was asked to remove them. I may have taken this seriously if 1) He/she hadn't signed the email "a concerned citizen". 2) Accused them of conning people without sending any proof (press cuttings or whatever). Apparently, by listing this team under my "Investigators" section on my website " it can only bring disrepute to your website" (to use the email's exact words). Please don't send me this crap. Either put up or shut up. SIGN your email with YOUR NAME and PROVIDE DOCUMENTED PROOF.

OK, rant over.
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