Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ghost Removal Services

It had to happen didn't it?
At one time you just popped round to your local church, chapel, mosque or whatever and politely asked your chosen holy man to come round and bless your house. After a few prayers and incantations and chucking a bit of holy water around, the troublesome spirit or poltergeist gave up the ghost (DEFINITELY a pun intended) and left in a huff (or was it a poof?).

Now (apparently) you can call in a professional ghost clearer. I have seen a few websites during my travels on Google, a lot of them seem to have one thing in common - they charge for their services. I have no issue with anyone making a living, but how does one go about getting qualified as a ghost remover? The obvious puns such as "going to night school" and "working the graveyard shift" spring to mind, but I do have a few concerns with people outside a recognised religious structure or learned organisation offering paid services to scared or worried people. The psychological aspect has to also be brought into play doesn't it?

If you do hire a professional ghost removal service, personally speaking I would ask them how and with whom they hold a qualification. How they plan to go about their service. Ask if they are insured, ask them for references from satisfied clients, and finally ask if they give a money back guarantee.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

VOTE FOR MEEEEEE! (please don't)

Whenever I do a search to try and find more paranormal investigation teams on Google, I keep tripping over gaudy, animation-infested, background sounds type websites with little icons on them proclaiming them to be "The best paranormal website" or some such elaborate claim. Best for what though? Most annoying animations all on one page? The most over-the-top background sounds?

By the very nature of paranormal websites, they have to be a little bit creepy, but let's not get daft! Imagine that someone is doing a little surfing at work on the sly, only for some eerie noises to start blarting out of his/her PC speakers totally giving the game away (and no, I am NOT speaking through personal experience).
I think the old saying "less is more" should definitely be applied to some of these "award winning websites". Whenever sounds of thunder or creepy laughter starts pouring out of my speakers I hit the back button. I just can't take sites like that seriously no matter how good the investigators might be.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

How to weigh your soul

Yes I know, it sounds like I have finally gone insane, but someone actually tried to prove that a soul exists by weighing people shortly before and after death.
I came across an article describing some experiments that were done back in 1907 by a Dr Mc Dougall of Massachusetts USA. He had a bed that was balanced on a measuring apparatus and reported that immediately after death the corpse weighed approximately three quarters of an ounce less. Therefore (the theory goes) the human soul or life-force weighs about the same weight as a teaspoonful of sugar.
On hearing this I checked it out on a few urban legend debunking sites, and apparently these experiments did actually take place.

At best, this is scientific proof that some form of change occurs to the body's mass immediately after death that cannot be explained, or, at worst, it is a very extreme new weight loss tip! (and I bet my Google ads are showing dieting ads).

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Paranormal TV programme makers - a suggestion

Whilst watching a recent paranormal TV programme (yes, sadly I do still watch them even just to tut and shake my head)one of the investigators said "did you hear that?".
I almost shouted at the television set "NO I DIDN'T". The reason being that the small tapping noise we were supposed to hear was being totally drowned out by the inane, supposedly spooky, third-rate new age music being played as a backing track.
I know these programmes are supposedly for entertainment only (or so the disclaimer always says) but don't ask us to listen out for subliminal noises whilst playing music. It's like listening to Metallica on your Hi-Fi with the volume on max and trying to hear if the birds are singing outside.....please programme makers, wise up!

A neat recording on an EVP

As mentioned before, please make up your own mind as to the reality of this clip or otherwise.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Ghost in WW11 Japanese tunnel

This video made me smile for several reasons. I'll let you make up your own mind as to it's validity and realism.
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