Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ghost Hunts - How long before the bubble bursts?

There have been ghost clubs, mediums and ghost investigators for donkeys years, but the advent of Most Haunted and subsequent other offerings, both British and American,have fuelled a new business in paranormal related tourism. We are spoilt for choice with literally hundreds of companies offering ghost hunts in buildings as various as old factories right through to castles, pubs and disused air bases. You can go online and book a ghost hunt in a haunted building as easy as buying a new pair of trainers. I just wonder if supply is beginning to outstrip demand. I am asking this question in all truthfulness - I really don't know. Has paranormal tourism become such a growth industry or is it a dying trade? (no pun intended - oh OK, yes there was).
If anyone is reading this please let me have your feedback. By the way, you can go to my website and look at a few of said companies to save you the trouble of trawling the net. I am not guaranteeing the quality or expertise of these organisations. It is merely a list for your perusal.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Prisoners call in the ghostbusters

According to The Sun newspaper, a priest was called in to Durham Jail to bless a reputedly haunted cell after prisoners complained of "feeling uncomfortable" and as if someone was watching them (someone dead, not the prison wardens).
The cell block had previously been F wing, colloquially dubbed "She Wing" because it had previously held notorious female murderers such as Myra Hindley and Rose West. It was reported to be Myra Hindley's old cell that was the haunted one
The cell block now houses male prisoners, and they are reported to now be "as happy as Larry" since the blessing. All's well that ends well then eh?

You can read the article in full here.
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