Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ghost Census on Disappearing Ghosts

A ghost hunter claiming to be the only registered ghost hunter in Poland is saying that hauntings seem to be on the decrease. He believes that perhaps the spirit community have given up on mankind and no longer wants to warn them about the afterlife.

Piotr Shalkevitz, 40, from Chrzanow, Poland, has invested in all the latest technical equipment to investigate hauntings in Poland. He is calling for a census of ghosts from paranormal investigators from all over the world. If you feel like joining the census his email address is He also has a 24 hour hotline, but the article doesn't state what it is or what his website address is.

You can read the article HERE

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ghost hunting team to look for Scottish Vampire

Dumfries based Mostly Ghostly are to organise a hunt for the alleged vampire of Lochmaben Castle (no, this isn't a wind-up). Tom Robertson, who claimed to have seen the creature back in 1991, and later wrote a book about his experiences, will be helping them with their enquiries. The investigation is set to take place in spring this year (2012).

I wonder how their pre-investigation equipment check list will read "ok, let's see, Camera, Flashlight, K2 meter, garlic, crucifix, wooden stake and mallet.......yep we're hot to trot".

You can read the article HERE

Ghosts on Birmingham New Street Station

Ghosts have been reported at Birmingham New Street Station. One of them is believed to be of ex railway employee Walter Hartles. Walter is reported to have committed suicide by shooting himself. Another spirit is said to be a gentleman by the name of Claude, who wears a top hat. He is alleged to have poisoned himself.
When the station was built in 1848 it required the digging up of a Jewish Cemetary. Added to that there have been 4 suicides on platform 4. It is claiming to be Britain's most haunted railway station.

You can read the article HERE

Clevedon Pier Ghost - an update.

Former policeman Richard Case of Ghost Challengers is to investigate the alleged haunting of Clevedon Pier near Bristol. Armed with all the usual electronic gadgets, he will see if he can gain any proof of the existance of the ghost.

Another unusual occurence attached to this haunting is that Piermaster Linda Strong reported that a smell of burnt toast lingers in the air whenever the apparition appears. A ghost with a toaster must be a first!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Spring Heeled Jack is back?

A family were travelling home by taxi on Valentines night from Stoneleigh when they saw a dark figure dart across the road in front of them. It then leapt 15 feet over a roadside bank. The figure jumped over the central reservation, across two lanes of traffic and jumped up the roadside bank, all in less than 2 seconds. The petrified taxi driver admitted to being afraid of driving back alone.

If this figure is real we could do with him in the 2012 olympics!

You can read the article HERE

Sunday, 26 February 2012

What is a ghost? - My personal theories.

If we make a broad and generalised sweep and say (for the purpose of argument) that ghosts do exist - how do they work?

If we take the full body apparition as a point in question, why are they always fully clothed? I can accept the fact that a ghost could appear in front of someone as a manifestation of their once physical presence, but where do the clothes come from? This would lean towards the hypothesis that the spirit in question is making some physical judgement as to what garb it dresses in to make it's appearance to the observer. That would then rule out the "stone tapes" theory that the ghost in question is just an electromagnetic recording of a past event being played out over and over. I wouldn't imagine that mere clothing can manifest itself in any way at all through the medium of an electromagnetic recording....or can it?

This then lends itself to the extended argument of "can a ghost think and interract with us". If it can, then the ghost must be projecting the image of it's former self that it wishes us to see. For example, if the ghost is one of a soldier or an airman, it would naturally be dressed in uniform because that is the impression it wishes us to see. Does this then mean that the ghost is actually projecting images for us to see by some other medium as yet unknown to science, or could it be that the spirit is actually controlling some part of our brain through some kind of electromagnetic resonance and actually manufacturing hallucinations?

Of course, the logical explanation would simply be that the brain has been tricked in some way to see something that isn't really there and just fill in the gaps. A simple hallucination or trick of the mind. Surroundings also play a big part in the susceptibility of the mind. If you are in a spooky old castle at midnight the mindset is better to see ghosts than would be a brightly lit shopping arcade filled with people.

The more ethereal side of hauntings seem (in my humble opinion) to carry more scientific weight. The shapeless mists and the disembodied voices etc. These all seem a little less "Hollywood" and more within the realm of possibility. Physical interraction is also something to be looked at. If you get punched, hit, scratched or choked etc, as some have claimed to have been, then this puts ghosts on a whole different plane. Are they then ghosts or have they then become poltergeists?

It seems to me that the word ghost is a handy cover-all for what could be completely different entities altogether.........the hunt goes on!

Have we put the "normal" into paranormal?

Judging by the number of ghost investigation TV programmes, teams and associated followers, I think we have!
When I embarked upon the making of my humble website, little did I realise the mammoth task I was undertaking.
Every city, county and town in the UK seems to have a ghostbusting team ready and willing to do battle with, or analyse the existance of ghosts and the paranormal. I have found a similar pattern in most English speaking countries all over the world, (but maybe that is only because I have only been doing searches in English).
Does this mean that we have come to accept as fact the existance of ghosts and the afterlife?
We still haven't definitively found the "smoking gun". As yet concrete proof that ghosts actually exist eludes us. It would be fascinating to know exactly how many people in the UK would actually admit to believing in ghosts.

Man fights to get pardon for Pendle Witches

Arthur Stuttard, a retired barrister from the Burnley area, has written to H.M The Queen in an attempt to win a pardon for the 12 Pendle Witches. He received a reply saying The Queen "had taken careful note" of his comments but it was a matter in which she couldn't intervene.

I can't personally help but wonder how the tourist industry in the area would react if they HAD been cleared. Anything bearing the name or having reference to the Pendle Witches would actually then be defamation of character (I think....dunno). Even so, the guy who manufactures plastic witches for the tourist shops around that area would be well miffed.

Here is the article

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Meat Loaf talks to ghosts

The legendary performer Meat Loaf has revealed that not only does he believe in the paranormal, but has also seen and had conversations with ghosts. He uses a K2 meter, (which is an EMF meter with a light display) to ask questions and receive yes/no answers. I have a K2 meter myself and they do seem to pick up anomalies. Whether these are electrical or paranormal anomalies is, of course, open to debate.

You can read the story here

Spooks follow ghost hunter home to Wales

A couple in Llandudno Junction are complaining of a haunting that has been going on for a decade. It all started after their son returned home from a ghost hunting expedition with his girlfriend back in 2002.

In the couple's house things have apparently been moving, lights flickering and people being touched when no one was there. They have also taken random pictures around the house and captured approximately 500 pictures of orbs.

You can read the story here

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Remake of The Ghost Train - An old classic

Oakworth Station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway in Yorkshire is the setting for the remake of the 1941 black and white classic movie which starred Arthur Askey. The film is to be released in autumn.

I have fond memories of the old movie, and although it is meant to be a comedy, there is something charming and atmospheric about it. The website of the movie is

If this is released on DVD after the cinema release it will no doubt find it's way into my ever expanding spooky collection - sounds like fun!

Haunted pub to close - Dick Turpin's local.

The Four Crosses in Hatherton, Staffordshire is set to close on 1st March 2012. The quaint 400 year old black and white beamed pub has spirits other than the ones behind the bar. The pub is a popular haunt for mediums and psychics who hold regular ghost-hunts. Another historic pub will join the ranks of the hundreds that have closed all over the country. A part of our heritage and national identity is sliding into oblivion. Sad - very very sad.

Ghost Picture of nurse?

Here is yet another "ghost picture" I discovered whilst doing my daily rounds of Google. This time it's reported to be a nurse carrying a tray. The picture is a little grainy as it is a section of a larger picture. To me it looks like someone in a beekeepers hat and veil and wearing a white overall. Are there any beekeepers around there??

See what you think. The link is here

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pictures of Galway Ghost Nun

There seems to be a plethora (great word that) of accidental ghost pictures of late. Here is yet another. It's reportedly of a nun standing around in an industrial estate. It is impressive it has to be said, but as with all these things, it probably has an explanation....................or does it!!

You can see the article and pic here

Picture of ghost on Clevedon Pier

An A-Level student believes he has inadvertantly snapped a picture of a ghost on a locked pier whilst doing an assignment for his A-level coursework. The picture, which is of Clevedon Pier in Somerset shows what is reported to be a photograph of a ghostly figure that is reputed to be spooking early morning fishermen in the area. My guess is he is just a security guy. See what you think. The article can be viewed here

Grant Wilson leaves Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunter and part of the famous TAPS duo alongside Jason Hawes is leaving the show to concentrate on other aspects of his personal life. The show has been running for 8 years on the Syfy channel and has become something of a similar institution as Most Haunted did in the UK.

Wilson’s final episode of Ghost Hunters will air on Wednesday, May 16. The press release doesn't mention what will happen after this series.

You can read the press release here

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Michael Jackson's face appears on a car bonnet

An image of Michael Jacksons face appeared on the bonnet of a rover belonging to a Stafford builder (according to a story in The Telegraph today). Having looked at the picture in question it is just the relection of a cloud that does look a bit like a face.

I'm not sure if it looks like Jacko though. What do you think?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ghost Watch - BBC1's classic spoof

This video is of Ghost Watch. A "mockumentary" about a fictitious haunting that had the country in uproar. It was aired on Halloween in 1992. It received over 30,000 calls to the BBC switchboard in just one hour.....enjoy!

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