Thursday, 29 March 2012

Madam Tina and the Milk Market Ghost

Floating orbs have been captured on the Limerick Milk Market's CCTV system, and local psychic Madam Tina, who gives readings in the Limerick Marketplace, believes them to be due to a victim of a public execution some three hundred years ago. She believes it to be the spirit of a man who murdered his friend in the 18th century, and is lingering there due to his regret and remorse. You can read the report here:

Haunted Australian Supermarket - an update.

Adelaide Paranormal Detectives have been called in to the allegedly haunted IGA supermarket in Adelaide. They are still reviewing the evidence, but here is a video taken during the investigation:

Here is a link to the article:

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Haunting of The Red Lion, Hockley, Birmingham

The Red Lion in Hockley, Birmingham is allegedly haunted. Amongst the night-time occurences have been the giggles of ghostly children and footprints impressed into the bed.

Some of the resident ghosts are said to be those of a roman centurion, an elegant lady in a long gown and a cellarman that was crushed to death by a 108 gallon barrel. The article is here

Adele and Robbie Williams to go Ghost Hunting

Adele has invited Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda to come and stay at her mansion that she believes to be haunted (see my previous post). Robbie believes his Beverley Hills home is also haunted. You can read the full story here:

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Jesus appears in a bruise on an Irishman's leg

You just couldn't write this stuff could you? Apparently Jesus has put in another appearance. This time in a bruise on a hurler's leg (hurling is a little like hockey but with added violence). After getting clattered in a match the player came up in a nasty bruise, and there he was, Jesus himself. (though to me it looks more like a bloke I once met in a folk club). Make up your own minds. Article is here:

Haunted Huddersfield train station? - see video

After having a hi-tech CCTV system installed in the shop in Huddersfield's train station, an orb (or what appears to be one) was caught on tape. See what you think. Personally I think it may be an insect. You can see the video here

Tales from a haunted Oxfordshire hospital

The old Radcliffe Infirmary, which closed in 2007, is to be converted into £500m university quarters, but the old building is home to several ghosts. One ghost that has been reported several times is one of a nurse who would come and sit by the beds of dying patients!

The Oxford Times is asking former employees of the hospital to send in any spooky recollections. You can read the article here

Friday, 23 March 2012

James Randi tests a psychic artist

I came across this old video and thought I would share it with you. ppears to be one of a series. In this James Randi is giving a psychic artist the chance to win over a live audience.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What would you do if you had a poltergeist?

If you had a poltergeist (and no....this isn't an admission by me that I believe such things exist) what would you do? By this I mean would you:
1) Contact the church or your local paranormal investigation team?
2) Would you do nothing at all and hope it all goes away?
3) Would you keep completely quiet about it for fear of sounding a bit daft?
4) Would you go to the nearest newspaper and tell them your story?

It's the last question that I am really wanting to learn more about. If you had a poltergeist that is making your life a misery, and that of your family, what good does going to the papers about it do? In essense, as soon as I see media coverage of some allegedly haunted house I do end up wondering if it is a cry for help...or just a cry for attention?

Now a haunted hotel or pub, that's good free advertising. Call me a cynic if you like, but I don't believe something just because it is in print :-)

Haunted Australian store video - food thrown around

The IGA store in Brompton, South Australia seems to be having poltergeist activity. The video shows packets landing on the ground. There may, of course, be a simple explanation for it all. Stuff falls off shelves all the time. Make up yout own minds. You can see the video here

Monday, 19 March 2012

Past life regression - Good or bad?

Whilst doing my usual rounds of news feeds and Google news etc I stumbled across an article on past life regression. To those who have never heard of it, this is when a hypnotist puts you into a trance and allegedly takes you back to a previous life before your birth.

The article mentioned the Bridey Murphy case and one or two other notable cases. I won't bore you with all the details as they are easily "Googleable", but what did surprise me is how many people out there are advertising these services. I found out that there were three such "practitioners" offering their services within 10 miles of where I live. It seemed I had stumbled upon a rich seam of people making money out of the paranormal. A lot of them seemed to be offering some kind of problem solving therapy. The theory goes that the problems you are having in todays life may be a result of something you experienced in a previous life.

Whatever next???

The sub-conscious is a strange and wonderful part of the brain where lots of things are stored. I am a little dubious about the accuracy of these regressions and the information they allegedly bring to light. I once remember being entirely convinced I had written a song - tune and words - the whole lot. I had penned it in 10 minutes flat. I Googled it afterwards and found the song had, of course, already been written. The tune was as near as damn it right, and the words were about 60% right. On hearing the song on Youtube I had never CONSCIOUSLY heard it before, but there it was in my own handwriting. We store stuff away and this is often where our "intuition" kicks in. This is where our "spider senses" give us little clues all may be not right. I suppose this is where Deja Vu also lives.

The point I am coming to is this. Is the whole past life regression thing good or bad? Could dabbling around in someones sub-conscience have a lasting damaging effect?

The answer is, of course, I have no idea. But I do have a few concerns.

Louth pub ghost captured on video

A video reported to show a "white cloudy form" has been captured by a group of ghost hunters in The Whyte Swanne in Eastgate, Louth. The pub is reputedly the oldest pub in Louth. They also claim to have captured an image of an apparation on the stairs. We have to wait until wednesday to see the pictures which will be published in the Louth Leader newspaper. You can see the video here

Derek Acorah and Richard Felix do Dudley Castle

Most Haunted stars, medium Derek Acorah, paranormal historian Richard Felix and ghost hunter Denise Mott, will be leading Spookfest 2012 on Saturday May 26.

Derek remarked that he and Richard were never allowed to work together on Most Haunted because of their psychic enerigies (I have NO IDEA what he means by that).

You can read the article here

Friday, 16 March 2012

Blue Peter goes ghost hunting.

Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood of Blue Peter, the children's TV show, visited Muncaster Castle in Cumbria. After having a tour of the castle they did an overnight vigil in the allegedly haunted Tapestry Room. The findings are scheduled to appear on CBBC on March 22 and BBC One on March 23. I would have thought it unsuitable viewing for young kids, but perhaps I am showing my age. I wonder if they will try and build a working K2 meter out of an old toilet-roll centre and some sticky backed plastic? Let's hope they don't do an Yvette if they get scared!

400th anniversary of Pendle Witch trials - local events planned

2012 is the 400th anniversary of the trials of the Pendle Witches, which led to 10 people being hanged at Gallows Hill in Lancaster. They didn't have access to a lawyer or any legal advice, and according to the BBC article, the main prosecution witness was a mere 9 years old!

There are events planned which include a guided walk taking place on 18th March, A sculpture trail in the woods around Barley (a small village at the foot of Pendle Hill), and guided walks around Lancaster Castle where the accused spent their final days on earth.

Councillor Johnathan Eyre is reported to have said "Hundreds of thousands of visitors a year are drawn to Pendle because of this most dramatic episode in our country's history. These visitors help boost the local economy and bring in £78m a year, helping to support local jobs and services."

With reference to my previous blog entry about trying to get a pardon for these poor unfortunates. It would seem like a publicity stunt that could badly backfire on the local economy. Seems like a moral dilemma doesn't it? Here is the BBC article

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

David Wells does Australia

David Wells, the Scottish medium and astrologer, ex of Most Haunted is to be a speaker at Oran Park House for a paranormal conference to be held next week. He will lead a past lives workshop on the second day of the conference. Read the article here:

Pendle Witches pardon campaign - an update

I thought I had better check the newsfeeds and see if anything further was happening on the pardoning of the Pendle Witches petition. I found an article stating that Moorhouse's Brewery were also asking for the Pendle Witches to be pardoned. David Grant, managing director at the brewery, said the group should be pardoned to coincide with this year’s 400th anniversary of the trial.

It did make me smile a little seeing a lot of their marketing revolves around  Pendle Witch related themes. Indeed, one of their pubs is named "The Pendle Witch". The pub sign is the archetypal folklore depiction of the witch astride her broomstick, complete with crooked hat, flying through the night sky. No doubt modern followers of the wiccan ways would find this completely "non-pc". Here's the link to the pub page:

More about the campaign can be read HERE

Ghost of Herne Bay Pier - video

The video below is claimed to be of a mysterious figure on Herne Bay Pier. Mysterious it is...but is it a ghost? decide.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Derek Acorah goes ghostbusting - TV star clears ghosts!

Derek Acorah, the TV psychic and star of Most Haunted has rid a home in Sunderland of all it's pesky spirits, according to an article in The Sun newspaper. Marie Williams and her six children had been living in terror at their victorian home. See my previous blog post for details

See video below.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Old Star Winsford - Today's Trip

Today I had the delightful experience of visiting The Old Star in Winsford, Cheshire. I chatted with Ernie, the owner about his pub and all the strange goings-on.
He told me that the pub was originally built in 1871 on Swanlow Lane next to the vicarage of St Chads. The ancient 14th century church is directly behind the pub and has it's own paranormal associations.

In 1892 the pub's landlord was a man by the name of Joseph Fletcher. Although the pub prospered under his care, Joseph felt more and more unhappy about the way fate had dealt him his luck and eventually committed suicide by tying a scarf around the bed and making a noose with the other end and hanging himself. He was discovered by his young son Harry who tried to cut him down but the only knife to hand was blunt and so he had to seek the help of his mother (Joseph's wife). By the time Joseph had been cut down it was too late to revive him. Below is a picture of the current landlord telling me the story and pointing to the spot.

The next place Ernie took me to was the cellar steps. After the death of Joseph Fletcher, his wife, Elizabeth Fletcher took on the mantle of pub landlord. Not too long after Joseph's passing, Elizabeth took a tumble down the cellar stairs and broke her neck. Staff have reported eerie feelings and an odd feeling of a presence on these steps. As the photo below shows, the steps are indeed very steep.

The pub has always had it's stories of ghosts and strange feelings. In August 2002 the pub was taken over by Debs and Mark. The couple were just tidying the pub at the end of the day and counting up the takings at the kitchen table as they did routinely every night. It was then Mark noticed that Deb's face had taken on a look of terror. A look he had never ever witnessed before on her face. Debs then said ‘Please Mark; tell me that Ashley has just walked along the landing to go to the toilet.’. Mark went to Ashley's bedroom and the child was fast asleep. Mark then said ‘You’re scaring me Debs, what is it?’ Her reply came out hesitatingly, ‘a boy, a young boy, younger and smaller than Ashley has just walked along the landing. I saw him clearly; he wasdressed in a floor length old fashioned night shirt.’ Slowly she turned to Mark and said ‘I’ve never believed in ghosts, I thought it was all rubbish, but I think I just saw one!’

A fascinating old pub with a fascinating history. By day a beautiful, comfortable, country pub serving excellent beer and great food. By night?.........I plan a return visit.....I have yet to find out!

Here's the pub in question:

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Sun goes ghost hunting (again)

The Sun newspaper has written quite a lengthy article in todays sunday paper (11 March 2012). Rather than decant all the details to you, you may as well read the article direct......oh and there's a video there too!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The haunting of Birmingham's Trocadero

Henry Skinner, ex landlord and soldier is said to be haunting Birmingham's Trocadero. The hauntings have said to have stepped up after the pub's name change. Formerly known as The Bodega, a former wine bar and haunt of actors and sportsmen, the pub has had a violent past. The ex landlord upset a pair of locals known as Herbert and Arthur Allen. In 1895 Arthur was sacked and, after a furious row, he pulled a gun and shot Henry dead. Two girls are also said to haunt the bar after tumbling to their deaths down a spiral staircase. There is also the smell of burning wood which is attributed to the building once being the site of a fire station.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Haunted Winsford pub - new landlord in fine spirits.

The Old Star on Swanlow Lane in Winsford has been renovated by it's 21st licensee and owner Ernie Welch, who has spent over £30,000 in making the old historic pub a first class watering hole. Previous owners have seen the ghost of a child in victorian clothing wandering the pub at night after closing time.

The pub was also witness to its fair share of tragedy. The pubs first landlord was in 1851, but in 1906 Joseph Fletcher was the landlord. Joseph committed suicide in 1913 by hanging himself from the bed post in the pubs bedroom. This was soon followed by the death of his wife Elizabeth who tumbled down the cellar steps.

The present owner Ernie hasn't reported anything unusual since taking over but does say he feels a little bit creeped when descending into the cellar knowing that's where Elizabeth came to an untimely end. He also said that it would come as no surprise if the pub was actually haunted as Joseph hanged himself just outside his office. Ernie has installed CCTV cameras throughout the building so if anything does "materialise" we will get to hear about it.

Haunted Kilmarnock Pub - is Scotland a haunted hotspot?

Alan Brown, former paratrooper, cagefighter and doorman is convinced that his pub, The Hunting Lodge, is haunted. He called in The Paranormal Knights, a local ghost investigation team to give the place a look over.

There have been reports of strange lights on the CCTV cameras, figures appearing in an old mirror, cold spots and a table moving on its own. Alan, the owner is reported to have said “I don’t scare easy but there are weird things going on in this place that I can’t explain.”.

After investigations were made it was found that a William Thomson lived (and presumably died) there in the 1850s. It is suspected that he may be the cause of the alleged hauntings.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Glasgow woman forced to move by ghosts

Ashley Summers, a 26 year old mum, has been compelled to move because she can no longer stand the alleged paranormal activity occuring in her housing association flat in Kirkintilloch, Glasgow. She has moved to a new home and the move has cost her double her previous rent of £300 a month.

Her youngest son David who is 4 years old told him mum about having conversations with a bald headed man when no one else was in the flat. Things have also been thrown such as shoes and a mobile phone. Pots and pans have also been strewn around the kitchen.

Her son David told her that the spirit had said that it won't hurt him, but it will hurt anyone else in the flat. On the advice of a spiritualist, Ashley sprinkled flour in her kitchen to see if the ghost would communicate with her. On returning she found a letter D had been drawn in the flour.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sunderland poltergeist plagues family

Marie Williams who lives in Hendon in the north-east believes her house to be haunted by a poltergeist. The troublesome spirit is said to have trashed rooms leaving a sulphurous smell behind. Other phenomena have been said to include things being thrown around, ghostly footsteps when no one is around, objects going missing and Victorian objects not belonging to the family appearing in rooms.

Dirty water from a source as yet unknown has also been seen to run down the bannister and people's ankles are said to have been grabbed whilst on the stairs. Marie also complains of being scratched by the said spirit. The hauntings started some six weeks after they moved in. So desperate are they to be rid of this they are even considering moving house. Here's the article

Amorous Australian ghost spooks housewife

A woman in the northern territory of Australia is convinced that her home is haunted by an amorous spirit (well amorous wasn't the word they used - but you get the drift).

Jennifer Mills-Young, the woman in question, believes the ghost is named Kevin. She claims that one night she was woken by someone grabbing her wrists and trying to drag her out of bed. Her first thoughts were "Hmmm, hubby wants a bit of romance" before she realised that her husband wasn't even at home that night.

I'm not sure what is romantic about being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night. Maybe I have led a sheltered life!

She is reported to have said "I yelled at Kevin that he was not welcome in my bedroom and that he couldn't come into bed with me". She said the family felt "something wasn't right" as soon as they moved into the house two years ago.

You can read the story here:

Middlesbrough Ghost Pic

42 year old mum Diane Toman was happily eating crisps in her Middlesbrough home when her son (Matthew 19 years old) took an impromptu snap on his new mobile phone. The picture shows what appears to be a ghostly skull hovering close to her. So spooked are the family, her daughter Cheryl (21 years old) refuses to stay overnight at her mum's house. Quite a cool pic. You can see the article here:

Monday, 5 March 2012

Celebrities on the ghost train

As part of my research in trawling through Google news there seems to be a small theme emerging over the past few days. That being celebrities and their paranormal encounters. It started off with my post about Meat Loaf and his experiences with the other side, next to be followed by Adele and her haunted mansion.

The latest two I have discovered are concerning Ice - T's wife coco being haunted by a ghost who "molested" her and another concerning One Direction. Apparently someone seems to have spotted a ghost on their video "What Makes You Beautiful".

Perhaps it's the Elvis syndrome "Uh huh, they're all shook up".

The Albion pub Bradford. Landlord's story of strange happenings

The manager Mark Senior and landlord Sean Garvey of The Albion pub in Bradford have been experiencing alleged paranornal activity at their pub. Some of the things that have been happening are glasses jumping off the shelves and malfunction of electrical equipment. There have also been appearances on a ghostly figure dressed in black. You can see the article and a short video here

Drayton Manor Theme Park Hauntings

Drayton Manor Theme Park in Staffordshire is allegedly haunted. There have been reports of the sound of gallopping hooves, a face at the manor window, a ghostly white horse and a clock that seems to jump from the wall. All these things and more have been reported by staff and night security. One man is reported to have walked out of the cricket social club to be confronted with a ghostly carriage and horses. He is said to have turned around. walked back inside and ordered himself a large drink.The Grill Inn seems to be the epicentre of paranormal activity according to the report.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Adele's haunted mansion

The singer Adele believes her £7m Sussex mansion to be haunted. The mansion was once a convent. The Sun claims she is paying her female bodyguard to sleep over to keep her company. After hearing strange noises, Adele is reported to have said "I'm not rattling around here on my own. It gives me the creeps.".

A friend is reported as saying that Adele was excited to be renting such a lavish property, but things haven't turned out so happily.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Haunted house in Dalkeith, Scotland.

I have seen several newspaper articles covering the alleged hauntings of a house in Dalkeith. A single mum and her two daughters had been experiencing noises and apparitions. After the Church of Scotland blessed their house (twice), they reported that the paranormal activity had increased. That is when they called in a group of local paranormal investigators.

Midlothian Paranormal Investigators, along with their medium Jackie Drummond, were said to have identified the troublesome spirit as a Thomas Laidlaw. A gentleman who was said to have died in 1923 and was dressed in "wartime clothing". (As he is said to have died in 1923, which was between WW1 and WW2 I am not sure which war they could be referring to).

The house was also built over the site of a possible plague pit - a mass burial pit, according to the findings of the medium.

MPI's medium then cleared the house of any spirits and the family now say that the house feels like a different house and the family can now start to get their lives back on track.

All's well that ends well eh?

Here are the articles:

Friday, 2 March 2012

Ghost hunters help clean up "Shawshank" prison

Volunteers helped to clean up the  former Ohio State Reformatory in early February 2012, which was used as the location for the film "The Shawshank Redemption". Many of these were ghost hunters who swept floors and cleaned whilst at the same time trying to collect evidence of the alleged hauntings at the old prison.

What a great symbiotic relationship! They get free cleaning and the ghost hunters get a free gig. Ghost hunter Scott Sukel said "the group was able to clean most of the building because there was more help than anticipated". I can imagine there was! - I'd love a nosey round an old disused prison.

You can read the report here

Thursday, 1 March 2012

My favourite YouTube ghosts video channel.

This YouTube user has some great videos. I spent a whole evening just watching the videos one by one. Brilliant place. I hope you get the same pleasure from it as I did. Here's the link

Dog Sees a Ghost - Another Video

As you may remember, I put a similar video on here a while ago. I have a fascination with the subject as we have seen our own dog behave in exactly the same manner. She spent one night barking at the wall and periodically backing away with her tail tucked between her legs in fear. I have also caught things out of the corner of my eye, but more disconcertingly,  I have seen that the dog has followed the same thing by moving her head to follow the anomaly........most odd.

Another Haunted Pub Closes

I know that this is the second post about closing down pubs, but it's something that is dear to my heart. The good old local is something that is at the heart of our way of life. Not only that, they keep great old historic buildings in use and good repair, plus they give us ghost hunters great venues to explore.

The next "victim" I am discussing is The Seven Stars in Knowl Hill. The 400 year old pub is reportedly (maybe it already has) being boarded up today - 1st March. The pub is home to a reported 4 different ghosts. A horseman dressed in black (the article doesn't mention whether he is on a horse or on foot); a headless woman, a phantom hound and a woman wearing a bonnet. I do hope it is reopened as a pub again soon, though I am not holding my breath on it!
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