Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Psychic hears voices from other side (via a hidden earpiece)

TV's beloved psychic Sally Morgan has been accused of getting her messages from the other side via a hidden earpiece The Guardian claims. The article is attributed to Chris French. Apparently people who were attending one of her shows at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin heard a mans voice from a room at the back of the building passing information which was then repeated some 10 seconds later on stage by Sally. The trouble with stage psychics is that they are like any entertainer. They are expected to perform. If they turned up and said something like "nope - nobody here tonight - sorry", there would be demands for money back from the box office. Is it any wonder that TV programmes featuring psychics always begin with the phrase "For entertainment purposes only" ? I think there's a clue there if we look for it - don't you? You can read the article here

Sunday, 25 September 2011

My thoughts on the unexplained

First and foremost, my own personal beliefs have nothing to do with this post. I am writing it to try and give a balanced perspective. The unexplained is a fact. It does exist. If it didn't the word "unexplained" wouldn't exist. This does NOT mean that anything unexplained must be of a paranormal nature. It simply means that no logical reason for an event or occurence has yet been categorically explained in normal terms. On the other hand, this does NOT mean that there MUST be a non-paranormal answer. The simple answer is that no-one knows whether ghosts do exist or they don't. I am personally in that camp myself. That said I have personally witnessed occurences that, as yet, I can see no logical explanation for. The paranormal does seem to polarise opinions and initiate responses from extremists on both sides of the belief spectrum, from the diehard skeptics who believe that anything paranormal is complete and utter bunkum, and that anyone who hold such beliefs are deluded simpletons, right through to people that believe that EVERYTHING they seem to see is governed by fate, the afterlife or paranormal entities. Somewhere between probably lies the truth. I have no idea! The paranormal is, at best, an amusing diversion and a bit of fun. To, at worst, damaging and mentally scarring. Our own imaginations are very powerful, and dabbling in the darker side can have implications undreamt of at the outset. Death is a reality. What happens after death is speculation. The birth of paranormal TV shows have fuelled the debate in recent years and spawned quite a lucrative trade in paranormal tours, ghost hunts etc. There has also been a massive surge in ghost hunting teams who ply their trade (most often free of charge) to the general public and business owners. My website lists dozens of such teams. The interest in ghosts has been around for generations. The victorian era saw a rise in mediumship and seances. Many were fraudulent. The backwash of this is that most mediums today are still viewed by many as fakes. This is another argument completely, and another one where my mind is split on whether they are genuine or not. Again, I just don't know, but I have personally witnessed them come out with some remarkable pieces of information previously unknown to either the medium or the recipient. I suppose I am trying to say that I believe extremes are never a good thing. Only when absolute and undeniable proof is available can one side or the other crow out loud "SEE, I TOLD YOU I WAS RIGHT".

Friday, 23 September 2011

Acronyms by the dozen

Whilst researching on Google for new paranormal investigation teams (or P.I.T's seeing we are discussing acronyms) I am always amused at the imaginative way that some of these teams try and make the initials of the teams name spell somethink like G.H.O.S.T or S.P.O.O.K or some such. Cute though it is it makes me question their dedication to their allotted cause. Maybe I am just growing into a grumpy old bloke! Diversity is the spice of life. Long may they all continue to flourish!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why is it always Jesus?

Whilst trawling through the weirder sections of the internet (all in the name of research of course) I stumbled across another visit by the almighty on someones property. This time it was a tea towel. To me it just looked like a brown stain. I think she should change her detergent to another brand. After examining the photograph for an insane amount of time (about 15 seconds) I concluded that it looked more like Orville, the fluorescent green duck and friend of ventriloquist Keith Harris. This led me to thinking. Why is it that when something resembling a face appears on something do they always think Jesus (or whatever deity suits their particular religion). No one alive has ever seen these deities, and there is obviously no photographic evidence to compare these stains to so we can say "yep - that's him alright!". One face that appeared on a piece of toast I saw a picture of recently looked more like Bette Midler in my opinion. LOOSEN UP EVERYONE!!!!. I am sure if Jesus or Buddha or whoever wanted to talk to you they would find a better medium of communication than bread products and towels.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Warming up for the new season

I decided to get out my little box of tricks to check out all my ghost hunting toys to see if they still all worked. Fortunately they did. Even the ones I had stupidly left the batteries inside! I have in my box: 1 Torch (Flashlight to those in the US) 2 EMF Meters 2 Motion detectors 1 Lazer thermometer 1 Night Vision Monocular 2 Digital cameras 1 Franks Box (which I rarely use because I find it so annoying) 1 Digital voice recorder 1 First Aid Kit (you never know) 1 Stainless steel thermos flask (lovely hot soup on those long night vigils) 1 Notebook and pen (to note down times of weird stuff) What do any of you have in yours over and above these?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Michael Jacksons psychiatrist in the afterlife!!!

Dr. Abraham Tribesky proclaims himself to be a psychiatrist to deceased Hollywood stars, and has penned a book entitled "Michael Jackson is Being Harassed in Heaven".
The 95 year old claims to be in regular contact with the spirits of departed celebrities, and has regailed us with stories with such titles as:

DJ Decapitates Fan with Flying Vinyl.
Lady Gaga’s CDs Torched in Rock ‘n Roll Heaven.
Karen Carpenter Blasts Brittany Murphy: “No Fatties Allowed on the Other Side!”
Sinatra’s Frank Advice for Justin Bieber.
Same Ghost Appears in 20 Episodes of Paranormal State!

You have to love the entrepreneurial spirit of these people don't you?
Compiling my website Ghost Investigators has meant quite a lot of online trawling through the weird and wonderful. I tend to think I have seen and heard it all, but occasionally something so outlandish and ridiculous crops up and reminds me that I haven't.
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