Thursday, 8 December 2011

Have they found a cottage used by the Pendle Witches?

Well according to the BBC report there is a possibility they have!!
Whilst the Water Authority were doing some maintenance they found an old 17th century cottage under a mound of earth. No one knew it was there. The fireplace and several other features were remarkably preserved. They also found a mummified cat that had been bricked up in the wall. The suspicions are that it was bricked up whilst still alive. You can see the original report and video here.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

December is here

Yes, it's almost Christmas again. I am hoping the BBC does a few re-runs of the classic M.R. James ghost stories over the Christmas period. It's become almost a tradition. I did a search on their website but I can't see anything planned. Keeping my fingers crossed though. I'll post them on here should I see any listed later in the month.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Things to consider before saying you have definitely seen a ghost

As has been scientifically proven, seeing is not always believing. The mind often fills in the blanks when it sees some shape it cannot naturally comprehend. Added to this, there are several other factors that can affect the senses.

1) Lack of sleep - This can often lead to minor hallucinations and those "out of the corner of your eye" occurences.

2) High EMF readings - These can also illicit spooky feelings with prolonged exposure to high EMF readings.

3) Infrasound - Low frequency noise that is often inaudible to the naked ear but can cause those feelings of dread similar to high EMF. Infrasound has been used by the military for this very purpose, so we know it to be scientific fact.

4) Sleep paralysis - Or Hypnagogic hallucinations. This is when the brain is not fully awake and still in a semi-dream state. The muscles are paralysed (hence the feeling of being pinned down). In this state the mind can turn common objects such as clothing and furniture etc into monsters and ghosts.

5) Charles Bonnet Syndrome - this is when the brain erroneously assembles data from the eyes and fills in the missing pieces. During this eye condition sufferers have seen a wide range of anomalous things from elephants to people who are not really there. A common feature is a criss-cross of lines making the sufferer feel they are viewing everything they see through some kind of fencing.

These are just a few of the things that can affect the body's senses. Add to that the chemical induced hallucinations from over-indulgence of alcohol or use of recreational drugs and a great deal of so-called ghost sightings can be explained away. It's the ones that can't that interest me. Or the ones verified by multiple people or recorded on equipment.

Take any spooky location at night. Add a healthy sprinkling of hysterics and screamers, and the most innocuous of noises can cause mild hysteria - but surely that's half the fun of it - isn't it?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Can dogs see ghosts when we can't?

I found thos clip on Youtube whilst browsing one day. This dog is reacting in exactly the same way my dog behaves on occasion. It is clearly directing its bark towards a specific area and not just barking in general. See what you think.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

"The Sun" goes ghost hunting

Here's a video on The Sun's website of alleged poltergeist activity. I'm sure it's true if The Sun says so (cough).

Monday, 3 October 2011

The use of psychics on ghost hunts

Whilst a psychic can add to the fun and the overall atmosphere of a fee-paying ghost hunt, it does always leave the doors wide open to criticism. The psychic obviously has to know the name of the venue in advance. This means he/she will have ample time to research the history of a venue and come up with a whole list of accurate names and dates. I'm not saying this is what they do (for legal reasons) but it does leave any information they pass across as being suspect.

If I investigate a property, the last thing I want along is a psychic. I check for tangible and measurable results. I check for all the supposed anomalies such as spikes in EMF readings, temperature drops etc. Messages from the other side via a medium are anecdotal at best.

What I would like to see is a third party organise a walk around a building and just arrange to collect the psychic en route. There would have to be no communication with the psychic either before or on the way to the venue. Ideally the psychic would be blindfolded, driven to the venue and lead inside before removing the blindfold. Only then would I truly believe in their input. I can't help it - I have a scientific mind!

Here is my standpoint on ghosts and the paranormal:
Do ghosts exist? = I have no idea. I have seen too much weird stuff to know that anomalous events do happen. Whether this is just a phenomena that is as yet unexplained or they really are the spirits of departed people...well I wouldn't like to guess.

Is there an afterlife?
= No idea.

Are mediums real or fake? = Again I have no idea. There do seem to be a lot of charlatans around, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are all fake. I do doubt whether any psychic can contact one of my departed loved ones on demand though.

Is a ouija board a useful tool? = I would never personally endorse the use of one. It is too open to abuse. It's easy to push a glass around and spell out a name, and you can't use on in the dark!

Can you measure the presense of a ghost? = Again, I don't know. I just go along with popular theory like everyone else. I take toys along such as EMF meters and lazer thermometers to try and "measure" any anomalies.

This may sound like I am a rampant skeptic. I am a skeptic, but I have a completely open mind. I am on a journey of discovery. I would love to prove the existence of ghosts and come up with firm evidence. As yet I haven't but I will still enjoy trying.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Psychic hears voices from other side (via a hidden earpiece)

TV's beloved psychic Sally Morgan has been accused of getting her messages from the other side via a hidden earpiece The Guardian claims. The article is attributed to Chris French. Apparently people who were attending one of her shows at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin heard a mans voice from a room at the back of the building passing information which was then repeated some 10 seconds later on stage by Sally. The trouble with stage psychics is that they are like any entertainer. They are expected to perform. If they turned up and said something like "nope - nobody here tonight - sorry", there would be demands for money back from the box office. Is it any wonder that TV programmes featuring psychics always begin with the phrase "For entertainment purposes only" ? I think there's a clue there if we look for it - don't you? You can read the article here

Sunday, 25 September 2011

My thoughts on the unexplained

First and foremost, my own personal beliefs have nothing to do with this post. I am writing it to try and give a balanced perspective. The unexplained is a fact. It does exist. If it didn't the word "unexplained" wouldn't exist. This does NOT mean that anything unexplained must be of a paranormal nature. It simply means that no logical reason for an event or occurence has yet been categorically explained in normal terms. On the other hand, this does NOT mean that there MUST be a non-paranormal answer. The simple answer is that no-one knows whether ghosts do exist or they don't. I am personally in that camp myself. That said I have personally witnessed occurences that, as yet, I can see no logical explanation for. The paranormal does seem to polarise opinions and initiate responses from extremists on both sides of the belief spectrum, from the diehard skeptics who believe that anything paranormal is complete and utter bunkum, and that anyone who hold such beliefs are deluded simpletons, right through to people that believe that EVERYTHING they seem to see is governed by fate, the afterlife or paranormal entities. Somewhere between probably lies the truth. I have no idea! The paranormal is, at best, an amusing diversion and a bit of fun. To, at worst, damaging and mentally scarring. Our own imaginations are very powerful, and dabbling in the darker side can have implications undreamt of at the outset. Death is a reality. What happens after death is speculation. The birth of paranormal TV shows have fuelled the debate in recent years and spawned quite a lucrative trade in paranormal tours, ghost hunts etc. There has also been a massive surge in ghost hunting teams who ply their trade (most often free of charge) to the general public and business owners. My website lists dozens of such teams. The interest in ghosts has been around for generations. The victorian era saw a rise in mediumship and seances. Many were fraudulent. The backwash of this is that most mediums today are still viewed by many as fakes. This is another argument completely, and another one where my mind is split on whether they are genuine or not. Again, I just don't know, but I have personally witnessed them come out with some remarkable pieces of information previously unknown to either the medium or the recipient. I suppose I am trying to say that I believe extremes are never a good thing. Only when absolute and undeniable proof is available can one side or the other crow out loud "SEE, I TOLD YOU I WAS RIGHT".

Friday, 23 September 2011

Acronyms by the dozen

Whilst researching on Google for new paranormal investigation teams (or P.I.T's seeing we are discussing acronyms) I am always amused at the imaginative way that some of these teams try and make the initials of the teams name spell somethink like G.H.O.S.T or S.P.O.O.K or some such. Cute though it is it makes me question their dedication to their allotted cause. Maybe I am just growing into a grumpy old bloke! Diversity is the spice of life. Long may they all continue to flourish!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why is it always Jesus?

Whilst trawling through the weirder sections of the internet (all in the name of research of course) I stumbled across another visit by the almighty on someones property. This time it was a tea towel. To me it just looked like a brown stain. I think she should change her detergent to another brand. After examining the photograph for an insane amount of time (about 15 seconds) I concluded that it looked more like Orville, the fluorescent green duck and friend of ventriloquist Keith Harris. This led me to thinking. Why is it that when something resembling a face appears on something do they always think Jesus (or whatever deity suits their particular religion). No one alive has ever seen these deities, and there is obviously no photographic evidence to compare these stains to so we can say "yep - that's him alright!". One face that appeared on a piece of toast I saw a picture of recently looked more like Bette Midler in my opinion. LOOSEN UP EVERYONE!!!!. I am sure if Jesus or Buddha or whoever wanted to talk to you they would find a better medium of communication than bread products and towels.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Warming up for the new season

I decided to get out my little box of tricks to check out all my ghost hunting toys to see if they still all worked. Fortunately they did. Even the ones I had stupidly left the batteries inside! I have in my box: 1 Torch (Flashlight to those in the US) 2 EMF Meters 2 Motion detectors 1 Lazer thermometer 1 Night Vision Monocular 2 Digital cameras 1 Franks Box (which I rarely use because I find it so annoying) 1 Digital voice recorder 1 First Aid Kit (you never know) 1 Stainless steel thermos flask (lovely hot soup on those long night vigils) 1 Notebook and pen (to note down times of weird stuff) What do any of you have in yours over and above these?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Michael Jacksons psychiatrist in the afterlife!!!

Dr. Abraham Tribesky proclaims himself to be a psychiatrist to deceased Hollywood stars, and has penned a book entitled "Michael Jackson is Being Harassed in Heaven".
The 95 year old claims to be in regular contact with the spirits of departed celebrities, and has regailed us with stories with such titles as:

DJ Decapitates Fan with Flying Vinyl.
Lady Gaga’s CDs Torched in Rock ‘n Roll Heaven.
Karen Carpenter Blasts Brittany Murphy: “No Fatties Allowed on the Other Side!”
Sinatra’s Frank Advice for Justin Bieber.
Same Ghost Appears in 20 Episodes of Paranormal State!

You have to love the entrepreneurial spirit of these people don't you?
Compiling my website Ghost Investigators has meant quite a lot of online trawling through the weird and wonderful. I tend to think I have seen and heard it all, but occasionally something so outlandish and ridiculous crops up and reminds me that I haven't.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ghost Removal Services

It had to happen didn't it?
At one time you just popped round to your local church, chapel, mosque or whatever and politely asked your chosen holy man to come round and bless your house. After a few prayers and incantations and chucking a bit of holy water around, the troublesome spirit or poltergeist gave up the ghost (DEFINITELY a pun intended) and left in a huff (or was it a poof?).

Now (apparently) you can call in a professional ghost clearer. I have seen a few websites during my travels on Google, a lot of them seem to have one thing in common - they charge for their services. I have no issue with anyone making a living, but how does one go about getting qualified as a ghost remover? The obvious puns such as "going to night school" and "working the graveyard shift" spring to mind, but I do have a few concerns with people outside a recognised religious structure or learned organisation offering paid services to scared or worried people. The psychological aspect has to also be brought into play doesn't it?

If you do hire a professional ghost removal service, personally speaking I would ask them how and with whom they hold a qualification. How they plan to go about their service. Ask if they are insured, ask them for references from satisfied clients, and finally ask if they give a money back guarantee.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

VOTE FOR MEEEEEE! (please don't)

Whenever I do a search to try and find more paranormal investigation teams on Google, I keep tripping over gaudy, animation-infested, background sounds type websites with little icons on them proclaiming them to be "The best paranormal website" or some such elaborate claim. Best for what though? Most annoying animations all on one page? The most over-the-top background sounds?

By the very nature of paranormal websites, they have to be a little bit creepy, but let's not get daft! Imagine that someone is doing a little surfing at work on the sly, only for some eerie noises to start blarting out of his/her PC speakers totally giving the game away (and no, I am NOT speaking through personal experience).
I think the old saying "less is more" should definitely be applied to some of these "award winning websites". Whenever sounds of thunder or creepy laughter starts pouring out of my speakers I hit the back button. I just can't take sites like that seriously no matter how good the investigators might be.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

How to weigh your soul

Yes I know, it sounds like I have finally gone insane, but someone actually tried to prove that a soul exists by weighing people shortly before and after death.
I came across an article describing some experiments that were done back in 1907 by a Dr Mc Dougall of Massachusetts USA. He had a bed that was balanced on a measuring apparatus and reported that immediately after death the corpse weighed approximately three quarters of an ounce less. Therefore (the theory goes) the human soul or life-force weighs about the same weight as a teaspoonful of sugar.
On hearing this I checked it out on a few urban legend debunking sites, and apparently these experiments did actually take place.

At best, this is scientific proof that some form of change occurs to the body's mass immediately after death that cannot be explained, or, at worst, it is a very extreme new weight loss tip! (and I bet my Google ads are showing dieting ads).

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Paranormal TV programme makers - a suggestion

Whilst watching a recent paranormal TV programme (yes, sadly I do still watch them even just to tut and shake my head)one of the investigators said "did you hear that?".
I almost shouted at the television set "NO I DIDN'T". The reason being that the small tapping noise we were supposed to hear was being totally drowned out by the inane, supposedly spooky, third-rate new age music being played as a backing track.
I know these programmes are supposedly for entertainment only (or so the disclaimer always says) but don't ask us to listen out for subliminal noises whilst playing music. It's like listening to Metallica on your Hi-Fi with the volume on max and trying to hear if the birds are singing outside.....please programme makers, wise up!

A neat recording on an EVP

As mentioned before, please make up your own mind as to the reality of this clip or otherwise.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Ghost in WW11 Japanese tunnel

This video made me smile for several reasons. I'll let you make up your own mind as to it's validity and realism.

Friday, 15 July 2011

And some fell by the wayside

As a good housekeeper I decided to check that all the links on my investigators page were still all active. I don't know about you, but I hate it when you visit a site and half the links are long since dead. I found it a depressing exercise. When it came to the USA sites it was as if a plague had swept through the place. I dropped around 12 links that were either dead or "domain for sale" pages.

The depressing part is that I now have gaps where there are no investigators in certain states - I HATE GAPS!!!

I found a couple of links in the UK investigators section, but the rest all seemed healthy and thriving.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ghost Hunting Advice and Tips

Here are my thoughts on ghost hunting, the equipment used and the conduct whilst participating.

What is a Ghost Hunt

In its simplest terms it is an exploration of a building or other site where the presence of ghosts or other similar paranormal occurences have been reported. A person (or more often a team of people) then proceed on to enter the property to conduct an investigation. They often use items of electronic equipment - these are described below.

Ghost Investigations, or Ghost Hunts can be performed by a dedicated team of "ghost hunters" who then report their findings to the property owners. They often have websites where they post their findings (with the property owners consent of course)

There are commercial companies who offer organised ghost hunts for a fee and take their paying customers to a reputedly haunted location. They often provide some items of electronic gadgets.

Who goes on a Ghost Hunt?

There is no one type of person. Many are believers in the supernatural and equally there are many sceptics or non-believers. Originally, Ghost Hunts were usually performed by small teams of investigators for their own enjoyment, or occasionally for a fee. Since the popularity of many TV programmes on the subject it has become a new commercial field of opportunity with many companies offering such events to the paying customer.

So, what is the attraction of Ghost Hunting?

This is an almost impossible question to answer. Different people go for different reasons. Some merely go for the thrill of the event and the possibility of a dose of controlled fear. Some go to prove or disprove their own personal theories on the subject depending on whether they are a believer or a sceptic. Ghost Hunters come in all different types with varying belief systems.

Speaking purely from a personal perspective, I have been on several privately organised Ghost Investigations and a handful of the organised, fee paying ones. On both types of investigations there is always something that happens to make the small hairs stand up on the back of my neck, and I am something of a sceptic. I have to say that they are great fun. On a more serious note I do take my equipment along and keep a personal log of anything I think is worth noting.

Whether you believe in ghosts or are a firmly entrenched sceptic or non-believer, being in a dark place that is reported to be haunted does tend to throw your belief systems and your imagination into overdrive. The senses are heightened and the smallest noise is likely to cause alarm to believers and sceptics alike. If this were untrue then cinema attendees watching a spooky film would be split into two distinct camps. Those cowering in abject fear, and those laughing out loud at all the far-fetched ghosts and monsters. So, even if you are a sceptic or a believer, going out prepared for the night is a must.

What will I need?

Initially, very little, apart from a few basic things, such as a torch, a notebook, a pen, a warm jacket (it can get cold at night-time) and basic refreshments.

Most ghost hunters carry pieces of electronic equipment that are as yet unproven to detect the presence of ghosts, or indeed to do anything apart from the jobs they were originally designed to do (like EMF meters etc). The theory is that ghosts are capable of absorbing or emitting energy, and as such, their effects can be measured.Listed below are the most important things you will need and the most popular tools used:

A Torch/ Flashlight

It is very important that you take along a torch. If you are walking around unfamiliar properties with the lights off then a torch is a must. It is very easy to get disorientated and this makes accidents more likely to happen.

Refreshments and the right clothing

As most ghost investigations take part at night time the temperature can plummet in the wee small hours. If you have a nice warm jacket and your trusty thermos flask it can help make the night a little more bearable.

A Notebook and pen

This is one of the items that is often forgotten but is a crucial item. You cannot store everything to memory - especially times. It helps in making accurate notes when you write up the case files later on. If you write in your notebook something like "anomalous shadow seen on main staircase - time 2-45am" this is better than trying to recall times and locations from your memory at a later date.

An open mind

The most important thing to take to an investigation. If you are a believer then resist the temptation that every tap or bump you hear is of a paranormal nature. If you are a sceptic then try to allow for the possibility that odd things do happen.

First Aid Kit

You can buy those little kits that slip quite neatly into your pocket from most camping stores. They are not expensive. As mentioned before, when you are walking around unfamiliar properties with the lights off the risk of an accident is increased.

Mobile phone or Walkie-Talkie

Very often on a ghost hunt the group can split up into smaller groups to cover more ground. For safetys sake it is very important that everyone should have the means to contact each other should an emergency occur.

EMF Meters, Digital Thermometers and other electronic gadgets

An EMF meter is a device used to measure small changes in electromagnetic fields. It is believed by many ghost hunters that this can indicate the presence of a ghost. It is also useful for finding any electromagnetic hotspots. A high electromagnetic field is reported to possibly cause hallucinations and the feeling of a presence being in the room if exposed to these magnetic fields for long periods of time. This can help to "debunk" any reported stories from property owners about their anecdotal evidence. Such things as "that corner always feels weird" etc.
Digital lazer thermometers are a hand held piece of equipment that emit a lazer beam and can measure the ambient temperatures of different areas of the room. This can be useful in finding cold spots (or debunking them).

Conduct whilst on a ghost investigation

The first hurdle to overcome is the obvious one - do try not to over-react. A creaking door, an anomalous thud or creak does not necessarily mean paranormal activity. In fact, it almost always doesn't. Hysteria spreads like wildfire, and soon the whole team of people are a bunch of over-sensitive, jibbering wrecks. (But isn't that where all the fun lies?). Be prepared to enjoy yourself, but not to the detriment of others enjoyment. On investigations many people turn into gigglers. This does not mean that they are not taking the investigation seriously, they are just covering up their fear with laughter. A common reaction. Personally I prefer them to the screamers and the hystericals.

On organised ghost hunts always obey the rules and follow the directions of the tour leader. It is unadvisable to strike off on your own, especially as you are a guest in someone elses property. There may be opportunities for exploration later on in the tour. Even then it is advisable to take along a companion in case of emergencies.

Usually there will be stated break times during these organised events. Try and stick to them rather than having any unfortunate accidents, such as spilling the contents of your thermos accidentally in the dark. Firstly you can scald yourself, and secondly you can damage others property. Imagine the effects of a thermos full of coffee on an antique carpet!. Eat and drink with the lights on with the main group. It also makes for a social occasion where you can exchange anecdotes with the others.

Where can I go on a Ghost Hunt?

As previously mentioned, there are many organisations who offer these services for a fee. There are also many local teams of Ghost Hunters who occasionally take people along on their private investigations. It is always worth approaching such people. You may be able to go along for free!

There are many haunted locations to be found by doing a little research on Google. You may even have heard a few stories from your surrounding area. It is inadvisable to do an investigation on your own for safety reasons. My personal advice would be to go along with an experienced team of people for your first Ghost Hunt. You can then learn the etiquette of such events and pick up a few tips on how to conduct an investigation and how to use the equipment.

I have been on my first Ghost Hunt - what do I do with my findings?

As they are your personal findings, photographs, recordings etc, they are yours to either keep as your own personal notes or to share with others. Always remember, any such material concerning other peoples property can only be shared with their consent. They may not want the world to know they own a haunted property. This can lead to unwanted attention from others wishing to do a Ghost Hunt there as well.

There are several forums to be found online where you can share all your thoughts with like-minded people, or it may even spur you on to join a team. Some of them have great T Shirts (smiling as I type that)

This is in no way meant to be an exhaustive guide to ghost hunts, but I have tried to cover all the points that I have personally encountered. The most important thing is to be safe and to enjoy yourself.


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Different faiths and their belief in ghosts.

It may seem like a strange thing to ask whether people of different faiths believe in the existance of ghosts or whether they don't. Surely it's down to the individual, you may ask?

This may well be, but I just wondered what a persons particular faith teaches in respect of the existence of hauntings and ghosts. There are so many different faiths that it would take more than a mere blog post to cover the subject adequately. From reading different posts on different sites it seems that it is very much down to the individual. If you read this post then please let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Haunted Sat Nav

No, I haven't gone bonkers. I KNOW that voices come out of a sat nav. This is a bit odd though.
I have the sat nav in a little basket in the kitchen with other oft used odds and ends. I hadn't used it in over a week. To switch the sat nav on you have to press and hold an inset button for a few seconds (it's inset so it can't be switched on accidentally).
I was having a conversation with a mechanic friend in the kitchen. My car had been giving me some trouble, and the mechanic said that this time he is confident that the problem had been fixed. He then said "let's just hope it's fixed this time". Then my sat nav suddenly issued forth with the command "turn around when possible". Not only did this seem vaguely on topic, but this shouldn't be possible. Firstly it can't switch itself on, and secondly it would have had to plan a journey to give directions. If someone has a simple explanation I would love to hear it.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How seasonal are ghost investigations?

Now that the warm weather is here and my local lake is calling me to it's bankside with my fishing rods, I haven't felt much in the mood for creepy stuff. I noticed the stats on my blog have also taken a hit with the onset of a bit of sunshine. It set me to wondering if the whole ghost-hunting thing is actually seasonal. What do you think?

I suppose that now the rain isn't tapping against the window pane and the lighter nights have arrived everywhere seems less creepy. After all, the atmosphere of a ghost hunt is the biggest part of the thrill - or it is in my case.

I will be having another look at my main site Ghost Investigators again over the next few days. I'll Twitter you all when I do.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Losing my religion

Yes, I know it's a song by R.E.M. but it's also a little how I feel. The more and more I investigate the paranormal and the more TV shows and documentaries I watch the less and less I am becoming a believer and more a cynic.
I do still have my core beliefs that hauntings and ghosts do exist, it's more the techniques that some investigators use to "prove" the existance of spirits. Take EVP's for example - or Electronic Voice Phenomena to the uninitiated. Nearly every EVP I have heard is indistinct (and that's being a little kind). Most of the EVP's I have heard posted on the internet have a caption beneath them telling you what they think the ghost/spirit/entity is saying. Once the idea is planted in your mind you are lost. No matter how hard you try you only hear the suggested words in your mind.
If a poltergeist has the energy to hurl things around a room, including people (supposedly) then surely it has the strength to speak up and speak clearly!!

The other pet hate is orbs, but I have exhausted that topic previously on this blog.

Most bits of electronic equipment (and I have them all) measure only theories. Every ghost hunter worth his salt carries an EMF meter to measure fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. The theory goes that ghosts can cause a spike on the meter because they are a form of energy. I have indeed found spikes in EMF levels but if we take the theory to it's extremes it could also be UFO's or experimental government death rays!!
OK I am being a little mean. We have to start somewhere in trying to understand and measure this phenomena we know and love. I suppose I have become a little desensitised by all the sensationalist programmes on TV. When I am in the situation for real I am like everyone else. Rational thought can very easily become upset by the smallest noise when I am investigating some haunted location and creeping around in the dark. It's hardwired in our psyche. In the dark 95% of people become believers!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Poltergeist Activity - a university boffin's take on it.

As I was merrily ambling off along paths whilst Googling the paranormal I accidentally tripped over a piece on poltergeist activity. I followed a link to Cornell University Library website and found an entry there. 75% of it went straight over my head. I hadn't got a clue, but one intriguing sentence at the end of the entry made me sit up and think. Are scientists really coming round to believing paranormal stuff?
Here's the bit of the entry I mean "Arguments based on Prigogine' nonequilibrium thermodynamics are proposed, which show how transformations in brain of some pubescent childs or young womans might be the cause of these effects."

Wow, seems they ARE thinking along those lines! - here's the link to the page in question.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

BBC3 Exposes Fake Mediums

I found this video whilst trawling through Youtube and the millions of videoclips extolling themselves to be "Real Ghost Videos". I find it a trifle sad that this sort of stuff goes on. Why pretend to be something you are not? You are sure to be caught out eventually, and this videoclip exposes three of them wonderfully well. Enjoy......

Monday, 21 February 2011

How times change

Once upon a time, before the advent of Most Haunted and other such paranormal TV shows, any hotel with a resident ghost would play down these stories and actively discourage staff from talking about spooky events. Now it seems a resident spectre is one of the most valuable members of staff!
The price that establishments now charge for ghost hunting teams to investigate their properties has turned a group of once amusing tales into a real money spinner. It isn't only hotels either - any building with a suspected spook is being offered as a venue for ghost hunting. So popular have such events become, there are a few insurance companies offering policies specifically designed for ghost hunters.
It came as an amusing aside to me when I found out that Bridgnorth Town Hall has banned such activities. You can find the story here. It seems the local councillors voted against allowing ghost hunters into their lovely old black and white building.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

I hate orbs - I really do

Who was it that first came up with the theory that orbs are some kind of manifestation of ghostly activity?
I have never yet seen any kind of conclusive proof that they are anything more than dust particles and/or insects. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the orb phenomena is something particular to the digital camera era. I don't believe I have seen an orb picture taken with 35mm old-fashioned film. I have a few pictures taken during a wedding where some 50 or so guests were whirling around on the dance floor in an old hall that is only used for such gatherings and meetings etc.
Old halls and buildings have dust. It's par for the course. So when a heap of people are dancing it stirs up minute dust particles, the photographs I took make the place look like spook central.
Please - let's lay this lame theory to bed once and for all.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Levitating girl

This made me smile when I saw it. Cool effect if it's fake (and it almost certainly is)- cool skill if it's real :-)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Early spring cleaning

I've been working on Ghost Investigators' Paranormal Investigators page. Instead of just having all the UK links in alphabetical order I have broken the list up into England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. This has brought home to me that England has a lot of entries and Scotland, Ireland and Wales only have a handful. I will be working on this. If you know any drop me a line.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Two new Charity Ghost Hunts

I have posted links to two new charity ghost hunts on my events page. Both need your support. You can see details by going to my events page

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Green Lazer Grid - the new paranormal toy

Just when I thought I had seen every gadget going, another one (of course) pops up out of the ether. A Green Lazer Grid thingy. It projects a grid of little green dots in front of you, and when a supposed ghost walks in front of this device then shadows are supposedly seen.

You know what this means don't you? - curiosity will eat me up until I buy one and have a play around with it. It will probably end up in the same drawer as my Franks Box, but who knows?

Ghost Hunt Evenings

The idea of the paid ghost hunt really does seem to have hit the mainstream. To my surprise, most of the providers of experience days now have these included within their itinerary.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Paranormal Events, Ghost Hunts etc

I have now added a forthcoming events page to my website - email me on if you would like to add an event.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Haunted Places

I have updated my list of haunted places

I now have 35 UK places, 5 USA places, 3 Australian places and 1 Canadian BUT I NEED MANY MORE. If you have a suggestion please let me know.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Haunted manor fails to sell

Wymering Manor had been put up for sale by Portsmouth City Council, but it failed to reach the £400,000 reserve price. It went under the hammer at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Central London. Portsmouth council says it will now attempt to sell the property privately. The manor is believed to be one of the most haunted properties in Britain.

We all enjoy a night-time investigation round some old, haunted, stately pile, but would we want to live in such a place? It does make me wonder how much of a detriment the haunted tag has on property sales. From doing a little digging around on Google I find it has more than one ghost. One site claims the old place has 25!!! - I think such a place might test the nerves of even the strongest sceptic!
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